At SprayFoamEtc, we urge our clients to look at their home in the 'systems-approach'. Modifying or enhancing one part of a home can have an effect on another. No two home systems affect a home's comfort and efficiency quite like Insulation and HVAC. HVAC stands for Heating,Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

When a sealed crawlspace and/or attic is installed using spray foam insulation, the home becomes much tighter. Some wrongly believe a home can become too tight. In building science circles, there is a common phrase- "Insulate Tight-Ventilate Right". In other words, we want our homes tight. We don't want our home to breath because it is leaking, rather we want our homes and buildings to breath by a controlled system-mechanical ventilation.

Every tight home needs a mechanical ventilation system.

Most Professionals choose one of three ventilation options:

A balanced ventilation system with an ERV is the preferred ventilation system in the southeast and has lowest operating cost of any ventilation option. At SprayFoamEtc, our system is actually powered with a small Solar Photovoltaic panel.

What they do and how they work

An ERV pulls fresh air into a home while simultaneously exhausting stale air from the home. In most installations, the fresh air is delivered to the living room and bedrooms, while the stale air is removed from bathrooms, laundry rooms, and sometimes the kitchen.

An ERV allows some of the moisture in the more humid air stream (usually the stale air in winter and the fresh air in summer) to be transferred to the air stream which is dryer. This transfer of moisture — called enthalpy transfer — occurs with very little mixing of the two air streams.

Why ventilate a house?

To prevent moisture damage to a house, lower humidity levels are always preferable to higher humidity levels. In other words, dry is always better than damp. However, some people begin to complain if the indoor relative humidity is too dry — say, 20% or below. (Of course, people have lived healthy lives for thousands of years in climates where the relative humidity is often below 20%, so it’s not at all clear that low humidity levels are unhealthy.)

Primary Benefits of the SFE’s RecoupAerator® ERV

Bringing Fresh-Air Ventilation into Your Home

Panasonic WhisperComfort Spot Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) offers a revolutionary way to provide balanced ventilation with a ceiling insert ERV. Affordable and easy to install, WhisperComfort is energy efficient and provides fresh, ventilated air while maintaining indoor air quality.

Balanced Ventilation

Panasonic WhisperComfort Spot ERVs use two ducts — one to exhaust stale air and the other to supply fresh air from outside. Its low-rate, continuous run helps ensure chemicals and indoor pollutants are vented out and replaced wih fresh air.

Patent-Pending Capillary Core

When air is brought in from the outside, the patented capillary core inside WhisperComfort fans transfers heat and moisture to the supply air coming in so that it tempers the indoor temperature and moisture levels. This helps maintain energy efficiency inside the house while bringing in new, clean air from outdoors.

Keeps Air Pressure Balanced

In tightly built homes and buildings, natural air leaks are minimized in the building envelope to increase energy efficiency. Just exhausting polluted air out while supplying new air creates negative pressure. The WhisperComfort ERV solves this by supplying air to replace the exhausted air, helping to balance the air pressure in the home.