New Construction

If you are currently building or in the planning stages, there are hundreds of choices you have to make. This process is exciting, but usually stressful as well. After all, your home is usually the single largest investment you will make, and you want to do it right. Choosing the right trade contractors who specify and install the proper building materials can make the biggest impact on your piece of mind and overall satisfaction with your finished home.

Long before the housing collapse which began in late 2007, we were hard at work correcting problems associated with poorly specified and constructed homes. Many of these homeowners were completely unaware of the options available to them. The builders and trade partners who built these deficient homes may have meant well, but a great many more were focused on the 'appearance' of the home, not the hidden items. Their clients wanted fancy fixtures and kitchens, yet neglected the systems that have huge impacts on comfort and efficiency such as HVAC and INSULATION.

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Our team at SprayFoam Etc is committed to your overall satisfaction by providing very carefully selected staff of trained estimators, project managers and installers. We urge our clients to look at their home construction project in terms of the 'Systems Approach'. Learning how the different systems of the home interact with each other is just as important as each systems selection.

We want nothing but the best for your home and your experience. Your successful construction experience is our success.

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