Crawlspace Remediation

Crawlspace  Facts:
There are generally two accepted designs for crawlspaces. The most common and traditional system is a vented or opened-air space. There can be serious problems with this type of system.

A vented crawlspace is one that has foundation vents or is an open air space under the home.   A vented crawlspace should have temperature and humidity similar to the outside environment.  This means that a home that has a vented crawlspace should also have in addition to proper amounts of ventilation,  a proper vapor barrier covering the earth as well as  insulation in subfloor system.

The problems with this system are many. First, rarely is the ground properly covered.  This allows excessive moisture vapor / humidity in the area.  Secondly, the floor systems we have seen are rarely insulated properly if at all.  This is a terrible combination when both of these deficiencies are present.

The second type of crawlspace design that has gained much popularity in recent years due to advances in our knowledge of building science and the systems-approach, is a un-vented or 'sealed crawlspace'.

A properly sealed crawlspace is defined as one that has no foundation vents, has properly sealed ground covering, insulated foundation walls and maintains acceptable temperature and humidity levels.

These crawlspaces promote good health and safety for home occupants by enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ).   Another benefit is that these homes are more comfort and efficient.

Either of the these systems if strategically used and properly specified and installed can have a profound influence on the performance of the home.  We have seen these applications literally make a home 'livable' again. Clients who for years suffered the consequences of an unhealthy crawlspace, were very appreciative of our approach to solving their problems.

Our Sure Start Ventless Crawlspace System Typically Includes:

Our Sealed Crawlspace Systems will:

"Crawl spaces are real simple to understand and deal with. When you vent crawl spaces you bring in hot, humid air and cause moisture and mold problems." ~Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng., ASHRAE.

Vented Crawlspace

In some instances, it is not feasible to install a sealed crawlspace.  In that case, we recommend an application of closed cell spray foam insulation to the underside of the subfloor.  Even if floor is already insulated with fiberglass, we would insist this material, which has been proven to be completely ineffective and unsafe, be removed and discarded in exchange for closed cell foam.  This is a truly effective material which we have recommended and installed for many years with nothing less than remarkable results.

Only closed cell foam combines  the low Perm Rating you need in an insulation material with the very high effective  R-Value.

The benefits of our application of closed cell foam on subfloors are:
In short, an application of closed cell foam does everything that fiberglass does not do….IT ACTUALLY WORKS!